Please help us welcome Tricia to the Mystic Curio!

Tricia Christo has been a practicing Psychic Medium for the last 15 years. Once she recognized her ability to connect with the spirit world, Tricia has been called to help thousands of people in all walks of life. From teens in crisis to helping relieve the emotional pain of the clients that she encounters; Tricia is 100% committed to the work that she does.

We all have intuition. How deep you delve into it and how freely you trust that intuition determines your ability to use it. The more spiritual one becomes, the more enhanced their intuition is. Like a muscle, the more that you practice using your intuition, the stronger it will be. God guides and directs us all and it is important that we listen for that still,small voice and learn to rely on that spiritual guidance. The more that you remain open the easier it will be to interpret the messages that you are receiving.


During a reading with Tricia, there will be specific knowledge shared, never vague generalities.  Though gentle in nature, Tricia uses a “tell it like it is ” approach when necessary. When connecting with loved ones there is a total sense of reassurance that life is a continuum. Tricia will never sugarcoat a message that needs to be delivered, as she believes the information would not have presented if it were not meant to be heard. The intent is not to scare, but rather to provide assistance.